TBIFF - The Buddha International Film Festival


The Buddha International Film Festival celebrates outstanding global cinema and provides a platform for filmmakers to connect and excel in their craft.

"Where Excellence Meets the Silver Screen!"

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"Unlocking Global Excellence: THE BUDDHA International Film Festival"

TBIFF's main goal is to provide a global stage for filmmakers to excel, curate exceptional works, and foster connections with fellow professionals, creating a vibrant cinematic celebration.

"Fostering Filmmaker Bonds: TBIFF's Global Impact"

"Connecting Visionaries and Celebrating Cinematic Diversity"

TBIFF is committed to nurturing these valuable connections, recognizing the importance of collaboration and the exchange of ideas within the filmmaking community. By facilitating these networks, the festival plays a pivotal role in supporting outstanding filmmakers in bringing their projects to the attention of global audiences. TBIFF embodies a unification of cinematic, cultural, educational, and inspirational objectives by unveiling its cinematic discoveries to the world. This synergy of artistic expression and cultural exchange is at the heart of the festival’s ethos, making it a vital and enriching event within the world of cinema.


"Outstanding Feature Film Award"

“In the category of ‘Best Feature Film,’ TBIFF’s commitment to nurturing connections and promoting collaboration truly shines. By recognizing outstanding filmmakers and their exceptional projects, we bring global audiences the finest in cinematic excellence and cultural exchange.”

"Top Documentary Showcase"

These extraordinary films capture the heart of storytelling, captivating audiences with compelling narratives, brilliant performances, and awe-inspiring visuals. TBIFF is proud to showcase the very best in feature filmmaking, celebrating the art of storytelling on the grandest stage.”

"Exploring Innovation: Best Experimental Short Films"

“In the realm of ‘Best Experimental Short Film,’ we celebrate the pioneers of cinematic innovation. These avant-garde works push the boundaries of storytelling, embracing new forms, techniques, and ideas. TBIFF is a platform where creative risk-takers can shine, and where audiences can experience the forefront of artistic exploration.”

"Embracing Cinematic Excellence: The BUDDHA International Film Festival"

TBIFF pays homage to the tenacity, passion, and artistry of emerging filmmakers globally, presenting stories that resonate with a worldwide audience, much like the journey of a visionary. We celebrate unconventional narratives, embracing groundbreaking, experimental works that redefine storytelling and explore the frontiers of video art, reminiscent of pioneers charting new creative territories.

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What Experts say

"Attending the BUDDHA International Film Festival was a truly inspiring experience. The selection of films was outstanding, ranging from classic masterpieces to innovative experimental works. It's a celebration of creativity that every film enthusiast should not miss."

I had the honor of screening my film at TBIFF, and the support and recognition I received were beyond my expectations. The festival truly fosters connections among filmmakers and offers a platform for emerging talents to shine."



"Where Dreams Come Alive: TBIFF's Venue and Screening Schedule"